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Money Map, A Lifetime of Financial Planning That Includes Your Goals

by Polly Jensen


Publication Date: December 1, 2011

Money Map guides you to a lifetime of financial decision-making customized to your goals and dreams.  Money Map is ideal for all ages and life stages.  Once you’ve created your personal vision, you’ll compare it to your financial realities and chart it across the years.  The result, a money plan that works for you.

Money Map doesn’t forget.  Whether you choose the downloadable version or the booklet/cd combination, you can revise Money Map as life’s events happen.  Plus, by saving your Money Map files, you will have a record of your hopes and dreams over the years.  You may have forgotten that archaeological dig you planned for retirement, but your Money Map files remember.

About the Author  Polly Jensen is founder of everydaysuccess.com.  She used her own life’s lessons and experiences as the basis for the website, for Life Map and for Money Map.  She developed Money Map because she always wanted the information and charts in one place.