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Life Map, Gaining Perspective On Your Life

by Polly Jensen
Publication Date     2017

Life can be surprising.  It may not follow the course we once imagined.  With Life Map, you’ll observe the life you’ve lived while planning your future years.  It’s a drawing board, a space to personalize your journey.  Your life is distinctive.  Beyond the facts, consider its meaning as you design your future. 

Life Map doesn’t forget.  Whether you choose the downloadable version or the booklet/cd combination, you can revisit your Life Map as life happens.   Admire the trip you’ve taken as well as the one you plan.  Life Map will store your hopes, your dreams, your plans of action – it won’t forget your wish to be a volunteer tutor.  

About the Author  Polly Jensen is founder of everydaysuccess.com.  She used her own life’s lessons and experiences as the basis for the website, for Life Map and for Money Map.  When she began to pay attention to the lessons life brought her way, she came to see that Life Map would be a way to share a few of her life lessons learned.