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Small Business Profit Webinar

Price: $5.00


Wedneesday,  July 25    

8:00 pm Eastern, 7:00 pm Central, 6:00 pm Mountain, 5:00 pm Pacific                    

Introductory Price              $5

One of the greatest challenges for any small business owner is making certain they are profitable.  A volatile economy makes profit more difficult.  Often, keeping busy and making payroll can quickly outweigh the importance of a profitable business.  In this webinar, we’ll look at steps to keep your focus on profitability.  Sometimes it calls for nothing more difficult than fresh and careful planning for the start of each fiscal year.  Other times, it calls for difficult decisions.  Make this your year of profit. 

Multiple Orders.  Is there a friend or family member you want to join in on our session?  Reserve their place by ordering more than one place in the webinar.  In the Special Instructions Box, please provide us with the names and e-addresses for each webinar attendee.  We'll send each an acknowledgment and details for participating in the webinar.  Be sure to also mention if it is a gift.

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