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A Few Words Before You Start Your Business

Whether you are starting a business you expect will become the next Microsoft or you are starting your own restaurant, green dry cleaning establishment or clothing store, whether you plan to offer your own personal services as an event planner, a masseuse or as a janitorial contractor, you must create a plan.  It could be that you are going to offer the same type of work you’ve previously provided as an employee – legal services, accounting services, marketing, media services.  Or, you may be planning to develop apps for i-phones or i-pads.  No matter... read more >

Questions To Ask Yourself When Starting Your Own Business

Your success rests in the details, in how well you know yourself and how fully you develop your business idea.

You’re ready, you want to build your own business.  That’s terrific.  Millions of Americans are successful business owners.  Before you begin, however, it’s necessary to answer some telling questions.  Your answers can make the difference between a great success, barely breaking even or a complete failure.

Whatever it is that makes you sure your new business will be a success – whether it’s capitalizing on existing knowledge, transforming a well-honed skill into a money-making venture, profiting from an exceptional contact base or another unique asset ... read more >

You are the boss and it can be costly

What costs to consider when taking on self-employment.

Being your own boss has its perks.  You set your hours and control your workflow.  A sense of freedom comes when you realize you are in charge, all the frustrations of employment fade as you envision a business of your own making.  It’s what you always knew you should do – run your own company.

The jolt of reality is not far off.  As you delve into self-employed work, you’ll realize that working for a company also has advantages.  Your employer doesn’t just provide paychecks; they... read more >

Why You Need a Business Plan

Your business plan will give you a clear picture of how you’ll get your business started and where you’ll be in one, three and five years.

Whether you are planning a mega-business or a small service firm, your probability for success grows exponentially when you start with a business plan.  In our dreams, we see our product or service flying off the shelf, our customers flocking to us for our exceptional service.  In our dreams, our enthusiasm abounds, our bank accounts are flush and we are invincible.

In the real world, an arduous path lies between concept and execution.  Hard and thoughtful work is mandatory.  Careful planning for every single step, even for the unexpected, is the path that... read more >

What’s In a Business Plan?

Business plans help you organize your venture and define realistic steps towards success.

Your business plan is the document that will explain all the steps you will take to start and grow your business.  Part of your business plan is narrative – a written explanation of the business.  The other part of your business plan is the financial analysis – a numbers-driven look at how your business will work, how it will generate profit.

The goal of a business plan is to outline for yourself and possible investors how you intend to succeed.  The process of developing the plan forces you to think about your business in... read more >

Get Business Plan Help and Mentoring – For Free!

Internet and in-person resources give you access and support so you can create a strong business plan.

You are about to follow in the footsteps of many.  From Thomas Edison and Henry Ford to Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, Americans are known the world-over as innovative entrepreneurs.  You’ve a vision for success.  Now, it’s time to write your plan.

A business plan is the document that tells how you plan to grow your business.  Part of your business plan is narrative – a written explanation of the business you plan.  The other part of your business plan is the financial analysis – a numbers-driven look... read more >

Profit 101 – What Are Your Financial Expectations?

There are a million reasons for starting your own firm and not all of them are financial.  When Mark Zuckerberg started FaceBook, he did not have an economic goal in mind; his was a “geekier” objective.  In fact, FaceBook did not start with a financial model.  

When a new business is a partnership, often one partner serves as the brains behind the product or service while the other brings the actual business to life.  In the case of Apple, for example, Steve Jobs began as the sales and marketing visionary while... read more >

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