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Business Incubators

Business incubators bring strength to start-up businesses. They do so by providing a support process for fledgling businesses. They arrange for the resources, services and techniques necessary to take an organization from its beginnings to a thriving entity. The incubator process can have a powerful affect on the success of a new business. Generally, businesses established through an incubator process progress at a more rapid pace. Equally important, incubators increase the likelihood for business longevity.... read more >

Using a Business Blog to Create Awareness and Capture Leads

Offer useful information with blog writing and connect with prospects.

If your business model calls for consultative selling, a blog can be a tool to connect with prospects.  By writing blogs that answer prospective buyer questions, you link the reader to your product or service.  

Blogs can serve many purposes.  They can answer questions your prospects haven’t yet raised.  They can showcase your expertise. They can build credibility.  They can build awareness and grow your prospect base.... read more >

Start-Up Resources: Why Work With A Partner?

Working with a partner is more than just fun; it unites each partner’s unique skills.

When starting your business, remember that you can team up.  One or more partners can serve many purposes.  By combining forces, you grow the range of skills available to your start-up.  In addition, a partner will bring that much more energy to the new business.

With greater energy and skills, a start-up may also grow the chances for success and the time it takes to become profitable.  On the other hand, a partner must be someone with whom you can really work.  A partnership will require that you are both productive.... read more >

Startup Resources for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs will fuel the U.S. recovery.  To speed entrepreneurial success, Startup America Partnership was launched to provide resources and connections along with regional ecosystems for local support.

What’s in it for you and your fledgling business?

In the past, many programs intended to help entrepreneurs were more conceptual than practical.  No longer is that true.  Today there are rafts of organizations that provide innovative and tangible startup assistance. ... read more >