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Work: Own Your Business

At a rate of 565,000 a month, almost 7 million businesses were started in 2010.  If you are an entrepreneur at heart, here are some thoughts on starting and operating a business in this 21st Century.  You’ll also find ideas for establishing multiple sources of income.

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Before Starting Your Own Business

A Few Words Before You Start Your Business

Whether you are starting a business you expect will become the next Microsoft or you are starting your own restaurant, green dry cleaning establishment or clothing store, whether you plan to offer your own personal services as an event planner, a masseuse or as a janitorial contractor, you must create a plan.  It could be that you are going to offer the same type of work you’ve previously provided as an employee – legal services, accounting services, marketing, media services.  Or, you may be planning to develop apps for i-phones or i-pads.  No matter... read more >

Featured Start Your Own Business Article

Profit 101 – Cash Flow Is Not Profit and Other Financial Realities

Above all else, plan your business to be profitable.

Your road to success is paved by profit.  After all, you aren’t starting a business just to while away your hours.  No, you want positive financial results.

Whether you sell a product or provide a service, whether you are for-profit or not-for-profit, it is imperative that your revenue exceed all your costs.  While that sounds easy enough, there are many ways to be tripped-up on the road to profitability.  Here we’ll look at two of the chief culprits that pave the road to red ink.... read more >

Featured Start-up Resources Article

Business Incubators

Business incubators bring strength to start-up businesses. They do so by providing a support process for fledgling businesses. They arrange for the resources, services and techniques necessary to take an organization from its beginnings to a thriving entity. The incubator process can have a powerful affect on the success of a new business. Generally, businesses established through an incubator process progress at a more rapid pace. Equally important, incubators increase the likelihood for business longevity.... read more >

Featured Ideas for Money Article

Ideas for Money: If You’re Artsy, Consider Etsy

Are you artistic? Do you enjoy bringing beauty to our world? If you are an artist, a craftsperson, a designer, even a jewelry maker, your creations can become a source of income.   Your handwork may contribute to your greater financial security; it may help you diversify your sources of income.

It’s not an easy path but neither is your work easy to create.  More than anything else, the most important consideration when attempting to turn your artistic hobby into a source of income: continually focus on quality.... read more >

Percolating More Ideas

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