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The New Normal When You Work For A Company

Your well-being is linked to your awareness of changing conditions

Work in America has undergone a tectonic shift. As a result, many of us feel that life as we knew it no longer exists. No longer are there jobs for life – unless you create the job and the company yourself. Whole companies can go under, leaving employees stranded. Whole job categories can disappear. Fundamental reorganization happens.

Today’s working normal requires your attention and your preparedness.... read more >

One Day You’re Indispensible, The Next Day You’re Out

Keeping your cool makes you a winner.

It’s a blow.  The company for which you’ve toiled, the company that’s been giving you great reviews, high marks, kudos, that company is letting you go! 

A shock to our system means adrenalin is pumping.  It’s not an experience for which we’d ever think to prepare.  But here it is.  It’s actually happening . . . and, it’s happening to you. ... read more >

Psychology In the Workplace

Strengthen your working relationships while increasing regard for your working style

One definition of psychology is mental strategy.  Here, then, are mental strategies that can strengthen your value as an employee while cementing your working relationships.

Negotiation: finding the win-win that best serves the firm.  Win-win negotiation occurs when neither party can better their outcome.  In win-win negotiation, fully understanding your goals is imperative.  It's equally important to gather information about the other party's goals.  Strong win-wins may include inventive and sometimes unexpected solutions.... read more >

How Do Employers Decide How Much to Pay?

Employee salary ranges are set for each job category at your firm.

If you lived in the Czech Republic before 1989, your pay as a janitor would have been the same as your pay as a surgeon.  For the most part, everyone earned about the same pay rate regardless of the skills or difficulty related to the job.

In the consumer-based, capitalist economy of the United States, this is not the case.  In the U.S. we’re accustomed to pay ranges and pay scales assigned to each job.  Many factors determine pay ranges including:... read more >

Productivity at Work

Work is fast-paced and loaded with productivity-enhancing electronics.  Your day is crammed with a continuum of calls, meetings, deadlines, more meetings and calls and, of course, emails.  It’s tumultuous.  How do you get it all done?  Equally important, how do you stay focused so you can get it all done?

Modern work environments are not designed to get you to a state of flow – immersed in your work.  Instead, it’s endless interruption.  Here are a couple of flow-inducing ways to keep your productivity high, so you... read more >

Education and Unemployment

The sad but true statistics show that unemployment rates are highest amongst those with the least education.

It’s called a jobless recovery.  Productivity in theU.S. has grown slightly to exceed the 2007 levels.  Unfortunately, that productivity was fueled with 6.8 million fewer workers. 

Those hardest hit, those with the highest unemployment rate, are at the bottom of the educational scale.  For all of 2010, average unemployment was 8.2%; it was nearly twice that rate for those without a high school diploma.  14.9% of those who did not complete high school were unemployed. ... read more >

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