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Job Search Process: Setting Strategy

This first article in the Job Search Series prepares you to use 21st Century job search techniques.

Some of us are naturals at finding the perfect job no matter what the economy.  Others of us find the search process slow, painful and seemingly fruitless.  In today’s job market, the rules are changed.  Connectedness is necessary.  You’ll not just connect one-on-one, you’ll also connect through social media.  Today, searching for a job is a full-time job.  It's important to treat it as such.

Start with the big picture.

 As you begin your search, look at what kinds of jobs are available... read more >

Job Search Process: Preparing For the Interview

Proving you are the invaluable prospect means more than a glance at the firm's website.

You’ve landed an interview and you know in your heart, you’re right for this job. In fact, you really want this job.  If that’s the case, then it’s time to get to work. There’s serious preparation that comes before an interview. If you do this work throughout your job search, you will greatly increase the likelihood of success and reduce the possibility for making mistakes.

In particular, how you prepare can quickly trip you up. While not a job interview, as a young marketing professional, I'... read more >

Job Search Process: Resources When Looking For A Job

Today, most jobs are posted online.  To find job postings, you can go to a job search site or an employer’s own website.  Or, you can do both.  You may choose to regularly check job postings on your targeted companies’ websites and, to broaden your search, also use online job search sites that bring together a vast array of available jobs. 

Some job search websites offer jobs posted by individual employers.  In other words, the employer pays the site to post their job.  Other sites, aggregate all the... read more >

Job Search Process: Using Unemployed Time to Your Advantage

Taking your career and/or your personal life to a new level.

Searching for a job takes time, it takes commitment and it takes stamina.  To get to your win with a smile on your face and your spirits intact, takes forethought and effort. One of the best routes to satisfaction is daily refreshing experience.

Some of the activities you might consider during this frequently anxiety-ridden time might even be ones you could add to your resume. Each day, find time for enjoyment. Several times a week, fold in a deeply rewarding experience.     ... read more >

Job Growth Forecast Through 2018

Service-providing sector sees big growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects job growth through 2018 will be strongest in the service-providing sector, continuing the long-term shift away from the goods-producing sector. BLS projections show the greatest job growth will be concentrated in two industry sectors – 1) professional and business services, and 2) health care and social assistance.

Below are the thirty fastest-growing job categories sorted by the level of academic preparation needed for each job.... read more >

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