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Work: At the Company

We are a nation of workers.  The challenge, however, is that work has changed.  The work we do is different, the working success tools are changed, even the way we find a job is changed.   Here are considerations for those who are employees.

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Featured Working Success Article

The New Normal When You Work For A Company

Your well-being is linked to your awareness of changing conditions

Work in America has undergone a tectonic shift. As a result, many of us feel that life as we knew it no longer exists. No longer are there jobs for life – unless you create the job and the company yourself. Whole companies can go under, leaving employees stranded. Whole job categories can disappear. Fundamental reorganization happens.

Today’s working normal requires your attention and your preparedness.... read more >

Featured Job Search Success Article

Job Search Process: Preparing For the Interview

Proving you are the invaluable prospect means more than a glance at the firm's website.

You’ve landed an interview and you know in your heart, you’re right for this job. In fact, you really want this job.  If that’s the case, then it’s time to get to work. There’s serious preparation that comes before an interview. If you do this work throughout your job search, you will greatly increase the likelihood of success and reduce the possibility for making mistakes.

In particular, how you prepare can quickly trip you up. While not a job interview, as a young marketing professional, I'... read more >

Featured Career Change Article

Is it Time for a Career Makeover?  Part I – Planning Your Working Future

Whether you’re still on-the-job or in a job search, here are career change first steps.

Are you in a no-growth job?  Are you worried for your job because your firm is making efficiency changes?  Do you feel unfulfilled at the job?  Or, did you lose the job you never liked to begin with? 

There are many reasons for a career makeover.  It's up to you.  You are the one who must keep a watchful eye, recognizing when it’s time to make the leap, to embrace a new vision, a changed career.... read more >

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