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The American Way Is To Find A Way

New Earth Pellets embraced sustainable clean energy and found profit in beetle-kill forests.

When she retired, Rosalie Bianco looked around and saw acres and acres of dead trees.  A beetle invasion was ravaging Colorado forests. 

It was 2009 and a million and a half acres were already lost.  The swarms of beetles were so great, they were visible on Google Earth.  At the same time, the American economy was in recession.  She saw friends struggling to replace lost jobs.  Add to the beetles and the recession, the fact that America needed to produce its own energy.... read more >

Taking $5,000 And Growing It To $3 Billion

Founding a company where God comes first, family is second and business is third.

The strongest new businesses are those started by people who love what they do!  Here’s the story of a woman who was passionate about how to treat the people who worked for her – she even included the Golden Rule in her initial business plan.  She started with a $5,000 investment and a very clear plan; today her firm’s annual revenues are just shy of $3 billion!

Mary Kay Ash had worked successfully in direct sales for more than two decades ultimately becoming national sales director for a global firm.  However, at 45,... read more >