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Money Matters

What is Money Matters?

The rules have changed.  We are each in charge of our own financial destiny.  We are each responsible for the money in our lives.  That means that the choices we make every single day can change our future. 

In the Money Matters sections, you’ll find tips, guidance and, hopefully, answers to questions.  At the left, you’ll find links to each of the sections. 

Two sections relate to work; they are working at the company and work when you own your own business.  Under At the Company, you’ll find tips for working success, job search success and career change.  For small business start-up ideas as well as tips on creating multiple streams of income, look at the Own Your Business articles.

Perhaps you will uncover an idea you can adapt for your life.


Money Matters Mindset

Money Matters In the 21st Century

It’s a changed world.

We’re electronically connected.  So much so that governments have been toppled with tweets.  Vast numbers of us no longer do our work in an office, instead working virtually from wherever we need to be to get the job done.  Many of us no longer buy books or CDs or newspapers or even movies, instead, we download exactly what we want onto our phone, tablet, PC or TV.  Many of us even skip a trip to the mall, preferring to order online.

We’re global.  The earthquake and tsunami in Japan slowed auto production and tv delivery into the US.  The upheaval of Middle Eastern political systems threatened US oil consumption which meant higher gas prices.  China tightly controls rare earth mineral mining,... read more >

Is a Job Enough?

What a crazy question you say. After all, you’ve got your job and you even feel pretty secure in your job. What more does one have to do?

As we’ve learned in recent years, change is ever-present.  Whether it’s the tech bubble or the housing bubble, the banking debacle, an earthquake and tsunami, a massive oil spill or a war, in today’s world, everything that happens affects our economy, our companies and the stability of our jobs.

What’s also changed... read more >

Are You An Employee, An Entrepreneur or Both?

We each have personal preferences and passions that translate into the choices we make throughout our life. Naturally, that is just as true in our work lives as in our personal lives.

Will you prefer to work for a company? Is that in your personality? Or, are you one who prefers to take on the challenge and risk of your own firm? What are the factors that indicate you’ll thrive working for a company or working for yourself?

The New York Times wrote of a woman about to complete her medical residency.  She followed her father and grandfather into medicine but not into... read more >

Do You OODA?

When change is constant, OODA is a timely decision-making tool.

What, you say?  OODA?  It’s a crazy name.  Every time I say it I have to smile.  Crazy name or not, it’s a powerful process that’s perfect for thinking about your financial life.  Whether it’s your work, your sources of income, your spending habits or your financial goals, using OODA can help you make effective decisions and take informed action.

OODA was designed for combat operations.  In... read more >

Percolating More Ideas

Everyday Success is a source for ideas, some of which you may shape to fit your life. We add new ideas frequently.

What's Current

The New Normal When You Work For A Company

Your well-being is linked to your awareness of changing conditions

Work in America has undergone a tectonic shift. As a result, many of us feel that life as we knew it no longer exists. No longer are there jobs for life – unless you create the job and the company yourself. Whole companies can go under, leaving employees stranded. Whole job categories can disappear. Fundamental reorganization happens.

Today’s working normal requires your attention and your preparedness.... read more >

Ideas for Money: If You’re Artsy, Consider Etsy

Are you artistic? Do you enjoy bringing beauty to our world? If you are an artist, a craftsperson, a designer, even a jewelry maker, your creations can become a source of income.   Your handwork may contribute to your greater financial security; it may help you diversify your sources of income.

It’s not an easy path but neither is your work easy to create.  More than anything else, the most important consideration when attempting to turn your artistic hobby into a source of income: continually focus on quality.... read more >

Breaking News on the Consumer Front

Identity Theft Continues to Grow. March 1, 2013.  Identity Theft Resource Center reports that identity theft grew by one-third over the past year.  Identity theft, in fact, has been the #1 complaint to the Federal Trade Commission for 13 years in a row.  Florida tops the list with the majority of their cases involving government tax or benefits fraud.   Georgia, Mississippi, Michigan and Louisiana round out the top five identity theft states.

Are you protected?  For protection tips, read the Protect Your Identity article on... read more >