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Where Does Love Go?

Those we love most deeply stay with us in differing ways.

With open hearts, we embrace those in life we hold most dear.  We cherish them.  They are a vital part of our life. 

Sometimes our love comes slowly with a long marriage or, as a child ages, a wiser and more mature love for their parents.  Sometimes, it’s a love borne of relations – of course, you love your siblings, your cousin and your aunt and, it turns out, you do.  Friendships can blossom, deepen and endure over time. Sometimes, though, love comes in an instant with the birth of a child or a star-crossed love across the room.  Often, our hearts know before our minds.  The face of our child, the inner recognition of a simpatico relationship, often, these begin with inner sensations.  

For some people in our lives, our love or affection deepens over time.  The measure of our love for each person in our life is often different.  For some, we share deep bonds of affinity, less so for others.  Some we see daily, sharing words, laughter and ordinary everyday experiences.  Yet, those of our daily life may not be the only ones for whom our heart holds deep feelings. 

Whether near or far, there are those whom we’ll always love most deeply.  We express our love through communication.  We experience our love of another with our feelings and with our mind.  It doesn’t disappear because the object of our affections is attending college in another state or lives in another city.  Our love and care remains alive, it is a shared bond that doesn’t disappear when miles intervene.  Our communication sustains us when miles separate. 

Where does that deep love go when, sadly, someone we love leaves us through death?  Our love doesn’t disappear, it doesn’t leave us.  The love shared remains alive within us.  Sadly, the interaction and communication no longer occur.  The loving relationship doesn’t stay apace with the world’s changes though sometimes our minds imagine what they’d be like in present day.

For some, the love experienced sustains them into future years.  While missing the human presence, they allow their mind and memories to appease their loss.  It doesn’t make their loss easier; their loss is immense.  With time, though, they learn to keep the one they loved with them through the days of their life.

Some who’ve experienced loss, choose to build a monument or support others’ monuments in the memory of the one’s they loved.  Mothers Against Drunk Driving unites all who’ve lost one they’ve loved to a powerful memorial cause.  Susan G. Komen unites many who’ve lost a loved one to breast cancer.  The Polly Klaas Foundation works to prevent child abduction and assists in the search for abducted children.  We can walk, ride bikes or run marathons in honor of those we’ve loved and lost.  

For some, the loss challenges their very existence.  Finding a life beyond the loss may mean a good-bye they’re unable to accept. 

While the paths we follow after losing a loved one differ, the fact of the love remains strong.  Love has not disappeared.