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Physical Change – Is That Me In The Mirror?

What happened to my body while I was busy doing my life?

Not a one of us likes to admit it.  We start life looking pretty great but then, one day, we spot that first grey hair and within about five minutes our whole head turns grey. 

Our once youthful glow is replaced by a seemingly random series of lines.  Well, yeah, they’re called wrinkles but they start out so innocently.  A few laugh lines showing we’re having a pretty great time in our lives.  Suddenly those happy lines deepen and instead of good cheer we’re showing our wisdom. 

Wisdom?  I’d be very happy to skip showing off just how wise I am if only I could get rid of a wrinkle or two.  At the very least, wouldn’t it be great if skin would stay nice and tight? 

Then, there is balding.  I just can’t imagine what it feels like to lose one’s hair.  Lose hair?  It sounds as if one was irresponsible and the hair just snuck away.  Can it be found?  Where was it lost?  Well, there is sort of a thinning process, one hair at a time. 

Those of us with abundance, lose hair all the time.  For those with thinning hair, each loss is so much more threatening.  Still, there are a lot of men out there whose pates are bald yet they remain incredibly attractive.  There is sort of a, well, I don’t know what to say about it, sort of a touchable side to baldness that adds to attractiveness.

While we’re on the subject of hair loss, some of us lose hair not through nature but because of chemicals.  Chemo to be exact.  The skull is a beautiful thing.  As an outsider, one who’s not actually lived it, I’ve viewed chemo baldness as an individual challenge thrown back at the cancer.  It is a testament that you will be using all your resources to best that darned cancer.

Some among us – and you know who you are – keep their youthful look.  Some can thank their genes for the fact that they look great year after year.  Some can thank good creams and lifelong exercise.  There are others among us who can thank their surgeon for that youthful, dewy wrinkle-free skin.

Whether it’s a blossoming waistline or a drooping neckline, perhaps the best thing we can do is to hold our head high and delight in the fact that those physical changes are badges of life fully lived.  Appreciate the miles our body has carried us.  Then, celebrate the fact that we are here and still dancing.