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Each Day is Ours to Create

What will you do to make your today a perfect day for you?

Today is yours.  Today is also mine.  Today belongs to each of us.  Every single day is ours to imagine, ours to create.  Of course, we say, we know that!  But, we don’t all act on the information.  It’s easy to procrastinate.  It’s easy to put things off to another day, allowing our inner vision to ... what, simply slip away? 

Every day is precious.  On average, we get about 285,000 days in our life.  Taking charge of our days begins with being present, being in the moment.  Taking charge of our days also requires action.  Creating our day means making those things we want to have happen actually happen. 

In our minds eye, we see the details of our life.  We know our vision, the big things and the small.  We know what we want in our lives.  The question, are we actually taking our mind’s eye image and putting it into practice?

Often, routine takes hold of our lives.  When that happens, however, we hand control of our lives over to habit.  Our mind races over the events of the day, getting the daily details right.  Often, rote habits and concerns fill our mind.  We’re worried because we didn’t call our Mom or we haven’t followed up on an insurance claim; it’s the daily mantra of activity and worry.  It becomes impossible to fit anything else into our today or our tomorrow.  Or so it seems.

Still, a year has passed since you had the idea for a book and you’ve done nothing.  While nothing happens in an instant, it’s also true that nothing will ever happen unless we do it.  Instead of writing a whole book, write your idea in five-hundred words or maybe a thousand.  Develop the idea while you are commuting.  You’ll be taking action on your vision and you’ll be changing the course of your day. 

What do you want in your daily life?  What do you wish for your daily life?  Are there practices you’ve meant to establish but they just haven’t happened?  Would you like to repair a relationship but “things” seem to get in the way?  Would you like to smile more?  What about telling those you love that you love them?  Did you tell them today?

To regain control of your everyday, begin my making note of what it is you’d like to add to your days.  Realistically, of course.  You aren’t forsaking family, work or friends.  Instead, you are making a list of the things you value for your daily life.  With that list, make plans for their inclusion.  That may mean changing routine habits, those habits that have been in place for how many years?  Take charge of old ways; own your day.

Is breaking a habit on your list?  Start by finding out how.  Whether by reading some of the Change in Your Life articles or another resource, learn how to change a habit.  Then, make a plan for the change.  Change doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time.  Remember that change will never happen if you don’t start.  How about making one small step towards change today?

Putting things off means we have fewer days to appreciate the fruits of our effort.
Now, we’re not talking about improbable grand drama.  If, for example, your mind’s eye sees sudden riches without a plan to get there, that is daydreaming.  We’re talking about reality, about the things of life where we can take action and see them happen.  If you see wealth in your life, what will you do to make that happen? 

Keep tabs on your inner vision, making certain it is included in your everyday, starting with today.