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A Moment of Mental R & R

Plan brief but refreshing breaks to reenergize.

With a few minutes here and there, we can check in with ourselves.  These are the times in a day when we can reset our perspective and boost our energy. 

To begin, make it a personal commitment, a commitment to moments of reflection and energizing during your day.  Your goal is to increase your energy and your performance.  Once we commit to moments of mental recovery, it’s then helpful to plan those moments, to make them a part of our life.

To plan your refreshing moments, you’ll want to fit it to the specifics of your life.  

Where?  Find the places of your daily life where you can kickback mentally to pause and reflect.  It may be a bench near your office or under a tree in a nearby park.  It could be in a special chair or in your office. 

When?   What fits into your day?  You may decide that a few minutes before your daily staff meeting works for you.  It could be you can use time during your daily bus or train commute.  Where can you find three, four, five minutes at a time?

What?  A mental R & R that really refreshes needs to be done in ways that work for you.  Some people will walk while others will choose to close their eyes in meditation.

In your moment, you may choose to see something beautiful.  Whether it’s a bit of nature or a pretty bowl, the possibilities are limitless.  The right choice is your choice.

Your purpose is to reset mentally, to refresh yourself, to adjust your focus.