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Relationships of Life

We’re in touch.  We talk, we text, we tweet and stay connected.  We’re sometimes so close we don’t actually think about the relationship.  Here are a few thoughts on our ways with the people in our lives.

Relationships of Life Articles

Without Saying A Word, We’re Sending Silent Messages

Our face, our posture, our every mannerism communicates volumes.

It took the Dean of Students in college to tell me about it.  I had a facial habit that hurt people’s feelings.  To my utter astonishment, my facial habits made me an open book.  A grimace awaited anyone whose suggestion or idea I didn’t like while a nod and smile was my ready response for those whose ideas or suggestions I did like.  As president of a student organization, this mattered.  I was hurting others.

We forget that we’re inside ourselves.  We don’t see what... read more >

Walking A Mile In Their Shoes

We’ve heard the phrase a thousand times.  We heard it as children, we use it as parents.  Because it’s been around for so long, the power of its message can sometimes be lost.

For children, one of their first thoughts will always be the shoes.  Are they cowboy boots, flip-flops or sneakers?  Could I make it a whole mile in those shoes?  As adults, we’re wizened and understand that it takes time and effort to know another person.  Except, we live in a fast-paced world... read more >

Have You Heard?  Friendship Is More Than Great, It’s Also Healthy.

Friendships soothe us and nurture us. Friendships can even protect us physically.

What would we ever do without our friends?  We laugh with them and we cry with them.  We help them just as they help us.  Our friends are pillars in our lives.  They provide a source of strength and solace to an occasionally unfriendly world. 

Sometimes their names change but mostly they are with us over the years.  As we imagine our lives beyond childhood and adolescence, our friends are there.  Through our glorious wins and our painful losses, our friends are there.  They are with us through all... read more >

I Have A Secret, Can You Keep It?

The fastest way to become obsessed by something is to avoid thinking about it.

Carrying a secret is tough to do.  As soon as something is named a secret, our minds want to banish it from our thoughts.  What happens?  Suddenly we cannot get it out of our mind.  It’s as if we’re unable to stop thinking about that something. 

We humans are poor secret keepers.  We think we’ll be good, we start out with the best of intentions but for a million different reasons, we often fail.... read more >