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Legacy of Love

Some of those we loved in life, may precede us in death.  The love shared endures within us.  We become a part of the legacy of that love.

Legacy of Love Articles

Where Does Love Go?

Those we love most deeply stay with us in differing ways.

With open hearts, we embrace those in life we hold most dear.  We cherish them.  They are a vital part of our life.

Sometimes our love comes slowly with a long marriage or, as a child ages, a wiser and more mature love for their parents.  Sometimes, it’s a love borne of relations – of course, you love your siblings, your cousin and your aunt and, it turns out, you do.  Friendships can blossom, deepen and endure over time. Sometimes, though, love comes in an instant with the birth of a child or a star-crossed love across the room.  Often, our hearts know before our minds.... read more >

Legacy of Love in Your Everyday Life

You loved them dearly. Now they are gone and you wonder how they will be remembered.

Saying goodbye to a loved one’s life is painful.  Your memories are many but there remains a hole, an abyss, a void where once stood your dear person.  You know you’ll never forget them but then you worry you might forget some of the details.  You worry that others won’t remember the things that made your loved one so very special.  You worry they’ll quickly forget.

To begin, don’t forget that the individual you miss so greatly will be remembered according to the... read more >

What Is Loss?

To start the conversation, we first look at the many kinds of loss. Here we’re talking about the types of losses for which we likely grieve.

Loss is one of those subjects we just don’t discuss even though we all experience it at some time in our lives.

Loss comes in many forms.  It also comes in a matter of degree - some loss cuts us deeply while other losses are more easily bearable.  You lost your sweater at the game last night?  That’s okay, you have others.  You lost your friend?  Now there is something that merits concern.  How did you lose your friend?... read more >

We Each Feel Loss Differently

How we experience loss depends on how we experience life.

In January 2009, a billionaire business mogul – then the 94th wealthiest person on the planet – committed suicide.  Why?  Because of a huge loss of wealth.  His wealth plummeted from $12.8 billion at the end of 2007 to $9.2 billion at the end of 2008.  That’s right, he was still a billionaire.  Evidently, a future with fewer billions was not a future he could face.  From his perspective – inside his mind – he could not go on living.

We each experience our losses in life differently. 

At the other end of... read more >