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Making a Life-Changing Decision

Even when nothing was certain, a birth mother found her path.

We landed in San Francisco, we rented a car and we’ve already crossed the Bay Bridge on the trip of a lifetime.  My nerves are a-twitter; in fact, I’m quaking.  Fortunately, Don is at my side.  He brings me calm.  He’s with me on every step of this incredible journey.

We’re almost newlyweds, Don and I.  I hadn’t found the love of my life til friends introduced us on a New Year’s Eve blind date.  I was fifty and... read more >

7 Steps To Making Decisions

Making Decisions Is Easier When You Use Circles Of Control.

Have you been wavering, trying to make a decision but you just can’t decide?  While it won’t give you the answer, using Circles of Control can be helpful.  Why?  With Circles of Control, you’ll actually figure out what must happen to reach your goal and you’ll figure out who controls each of the steps to your goal. 

It may seem backwards, but with Circles of Control, you’ll start at the end, at what it is you want to actually happen.  Here are... read more >

How You Present Yourself Is Entirely Your Choice

Impressions are made in a matter of seconds.  It doesn’t mean we’re judgmental.  Quite simply, our brains are wired to quickly judge everything we encounter on our daily journey.  It comes from early history when existence relied on constant and careful scanning of the environment – it was a matter of survival.

An interesting twist, however, is the fact that we don’t encounter ourselves during our day.  It was never necessary for survival.  Today, we might glance in a mirror or see ourselves reflected in a... read more >