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Is Perfect Possible?

Imagine a field of red tulips.  If you’d prefer, make it a field of yellow tulips.  In your mind’s eye, see those tulips of a single color for as far as you can see.  Then, imagine there’s one white tulip in your field of red.  Or, see a purple tulip in your field of yellow.  Long thought to be the perfect flower, tulip folklore tells of growers planting one bulb of another color to prove the field was planted by man who isn't perfect.

Many of us seek perfection every single day.... read more >

What Do You Say When No Is The Right Answer?

Are your on the road to over-commitment? Here you’ll find tips to regain control.

It’s easy to say yes.  We’ve done it all our lives.  Besides, what else are we supposed to say when someone asks us to do, well, whatever it is they’ll be asking you to do?

It’s in our nature to add more and more to our list of commitments.  There comes a day, however, when we’re suddenly overwhelmed.  It’s hard to predict what it is that will tip the scales and push us into that exhausted over-committed zone.  Worst of... read more >

Getting It All Done – How To Get Balance In Your Life

Are you falling behind? Do you have too much on your plate? There are ways to fit it all in, to make your life run more smoothly.

Is it just too much?  Are you trying to balance your work life, your home life, your volunteer life, your church life and your own life and it just isn’t working?  Our lives are complex.  They are loaded with endless details all of which must be done.  We feel anxious, fearing we won’t get it all done.  Then, when we don’t get it all done, we look wistfully at our lives wondering how.  How can we make it all happen?

How then, can you manage... read more >

A Moment of Mental R & R

Plan brief but refreshing breaks to reenergize.

With a few minutes here and there, we can check in with ourselves.  These are the times in a day when we can reset our perspective and boost our energy. 

To begin, make it a personal commitment, a commitment to moments of reflection and energizing during your day.  Your goal is to increase your energy and your performance.  Once we commit to moments of mental recovery, it’s then helpful to plan those moments, to make them a part of our life.... read more >

Chapters of Life

Gaining perspective on the life you’ve lived and the life you will live.

Whatever your age, you’ve lived enough life to be able to reflect on your experience.  As you look back, you can name each period of your life. Some of us recall chronologically – teens, twenties and on.  Others think of life periods by their highlights and experiences – school years, dating years, engagement and first married years and on.  Some like to give name to their life chapters to feature the highlights – "Falling In Love With Bill" or "My Starter Job At The Trib".

Much like a book, these life... read more >