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In The Face of Uncertainty, We Need Ambiguity Tolerance

It's the thing that helps us survive and thrive in our ever-changing world.

It’s not a phrase most of us throw easily into our daily conversation.  Yet, ambiguity confronts just about everyone in this 21st Century.  We have ambiguity tolerance when we can live our life fully even though everything around us is in disarray. In other words, we are ambiguity tolerant when we live without clarity, when we live with uncertainty and, even still, we continue to thrive and enjoy our lives. 

With economic turbulence, political strife, even earthquakes and crazy weather patterns all over the globe, we've never needed ambiguity tolerance more... read more >

The Three Kinds of Change

While it’s a seemingly simple word, there is much to be said about change.  In this section, you’ll read about three kinds of change.

Personal change.  Whether it’s making a new habit or breaking an old one, personal change is never easy.  Add to that the fact that there are many theories and approaches to change makes personal change and that makes it all the harder.  We’re hoping to demystify change in our articles.    Each of us is unique.  That means... read more >

Changing Your Life: The Stages of Change

There is more to making a change than simply deciding to change.

Have you tried to make a personal change but you just can’t make it happen?  Maybe you’ve started a diet repeatedly.  Or, is it exercise?  You’re great at the launch but a week later, you’ve already broken your workout promises.  Perhaps it’s that nagging habit you want to break. 

You’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work.  Your intentions are great at the start but you just can’t make it happen over time and that makes you... read more >

Changing Your Life: How To Reach Your Goal With If-Then Planning

Changing a habit isn’t an overnight kind of thing. No, it happens over time, as you face one situation at a time.

One of the most powerful techniques for making a successful change is If-Then Planning.  It’s likely you’ve used the process in your life but may not have given it a name.  Here, we’ll use the name because the name tells you exactly what to do.

The fact is, you can use if-then planning to reach just about any goal you set in life.  Here, of course, we’ll use it for making successful changes.  To begin, let’s look at what it is:... read more >

Changing Your Life: Making Change Happen In The Real World

Change is not a one-size fits all proposition. Your success depends on how you shape change techniques so they work perfectly just for you.

Okay, so you’re thinking about making a change in your life.  It’s true that life is much easier without change.  In fact, change can be a sure-fire road to upheaval.  But that’s okay, you say to yourself, you want the outcome.  The change you are planning is the kick-start to a completely new chapter in your life.  This change will be great.

Before You Begin, Ask Questions. Before you embark on changing a habit or making a new habit, ask yourself a lot of questions. ... read more >

Your Brain on Change

It’s a lifelong thing. Our brain never stops changing. In fact, brains appear to thrive with new experience and new information – at every age.

With so much thought given to the techniques and tools of change, it’s appropriate to wonder about our brain.  Is our brain up to a big change?  How will it respond if I decide to make a personal change?  Will it hold me back?

In the recent twenty years or so, scientists have learned that our brains are receptive to change no matter our age.  Scientists refer to it as neuroplasticity; brain plasticity is a bit easier.  Simply, brain plasticity means that the brain transforms new information and new experiences... read more >

Physical Change – Is That Me In The Mirror?

What happened to my body while I was busy doing my life?

Not a one of us likes to admit it.  We start life looking pretty great but then, one day, we spot that first grey hair and within about five minutes our whole head turns grey. 

Our once youthful glow is replaced by a seemingly random series of lines.  Well, yeah, they’re called wrinkles but they start out so innocently.  A few laugh lines showing we’re having a pretty great time in our lives.  Suddenly those happy lines deepen and instead of good cheer we’re showing our... read more >

Does It Feel As If The World Is Changing Too Fast?

Here are some tips for managing stress in a time of never-ending external change.

Here are some tips for managing stress in a time of never-ending external change.

Change seems to come at the speed of light, maybe even faster.  One minute, we’re all e-mailing like crazy, the next minute e-mailing is out and instead, we tweet.  Entire countries overturn leaders in a matter of weeks.  We read on electronic pads – no more books or newspapers for us. ... read more >