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15 Ways to Grow Happiness

Here are easy one-a-day ideas for growing a sense of well-being.

We’re each in charge.  We’re in command of our own life and our own happiness.  That’s nice, we think.  But, what does that really mean?  Instead, just tell me what I have to do to be happy.  My plate is loaded.  If I’m in charge, what do I need to do?    

Many of us don’t exactly know what to do to grow our sense of well-being.... read more >

Featured Life in Balance Article

What Do You Say When No Is The Right Answer?

Are your on the road to over-commitment? Here you’ll find tips to regain control.

It’s easy to say yes.  We’ve done it all our lives.  Besides, what else are we supposed to say when someone asks us to do, well, whatever it is they’ll be asking you to do?

It’s in our nature to add more and more to our list of commitments.  There comes a day, however, when we’re suddenly overwhelmed.  It’s hard to predict what it is that will tip the scales and push us into that exhausted over-committed zone.  Worst of... read more >

Featured Making Decisions Article

7 Steps To Making Decisions

Making Decisions Is Easier When You Use Circles Of Control.

Have you been wavering, trying to make a decision but you just can’t decide?  While it won’t give you the answer, using Circles of Control can be helpful.  Why?  With Circles of Control, you’ll actually figure out what must happen to reach your goal and you’ll figure out who controls each of the steps to your goal. 

It may seem backwards, but with Circles of Control, you’ll start at the end, at what it is you want to actually happen.  Here are... read more >

Featured Change in your Life Article

In The Face of Uncertainty, We Need Ambiguity Tolerance

It's the thing that helps us survive and thrive in our ever-changing world.

It’s not a phrase most of us throw easily into our daily conversation.  Yet, ambiguity confronts just about everyone in this 21st Century.  We have ambiguity tolerance when we can live our life fully even though everything around us is in disarray. In other words, we are ambiguity tolerant when we live without clarity, when we live with uncertainty and, even still, we continue to thrive and enjoy our lives. 

With economic turbulence, political strife, even earthquakes and crazy weather patterns all over the globe, we've never needed ambiguity tolerance more... read more >

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