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What is Everyday Life?

Have you ever wished life came with a road map?  Perhaps you would prefer a script.  Whether as a map or sometimes as a script, Everyday Life is chock full with ideas and tips for the lives we lead.  We hope you will uncover something you can adapt for your life.

Explore the Everyday Life sections by clicking on one of the links to the left.  You will find articles on change, making decisions and balance in the Journey of Life section.   In Loss, you will find personal courage articles and ideas.  Read on.  Let us know what you think.

Everyday Life Essentials

What Makes Your Heart Zing?

My mother confessed to me, one time in her later years, that she had always expected to be famous.  She didn’t know why she thought she’d be famous, but she was sure it would happen.  It didn’t.  At least, it didn’t happen in the sense she had anticipated, the media blitz, the front-page articles, the recognition.  It did happen, however, from the perspective that she was dearly loved by a large circle of family and friends.  She was famous amongst these dear ones for her enormous... read more >

An Everyday Sort of Courage

Some days can be amazing, others not so easy. Those are the days when we must call up all that is within us.

Some days appear to be great days.  Just think, you say to yourself, it’s a glorious blue-skied day and it’s your best friend’s daughter’s wedding day.  You are pumped and happy about life, about the happy couple and your friend. 

You are wearing your favorite ‘going to a wedding’ outfit.  You look great in it.  You know it; plus, everyone tells you so.  Your hair is fine, what’s off is in your body.  Well, it's in your... read more >

Each Day is Ours to Create

What will you do to make your today a perfect day for you?

Today is yours.  Today is also mine.  Today belongs to each of us.  Every single day is ours to imagine, ours to create.  Of course, we say, we know that!  But, we don’t all act on the information.  It’s easy to procrastinate.  It’s easy to put things off to another day, allowing our inner vision to ... what, simply slip away? 

Every day is precious.  On average, we get about 285,000 days in our life.  Taking charge of our days begins with being... read more >

Percolating More Ideas

Everyday Success is a source for ideas, some of which you may shape to fit your life. We add new ideas frequently.

What's Current

In The Face of Uncertainty, We Need Ambiguity Tolerance

It's the thing that helps us survive and thrive in our ever-changing world.

It’s not a phrase most of us throw easily into our daily conversation.  Yet, ambiguity confronts just about everyone in this 21st Century.  We have ambiguity tolerance when we can live our life fully even though everything around us is in disarray. In other words, we are ambiguity tolerant when we live without clarity, when we live with uncertainty and, even still, we continue to thrive and enjoy our lives. 

With economic turbulence, political strife, even earthquakes and crazy weather patterns all over the globe, we've never needed ambiguity tolerance more... read more >

We Each Feel Loss Differently

How we experience loss depends on how we experience life.

In January 2009, a billionaire business mogul – then the 94th wealthiest person on the planet – committed suicide.  Why?  Because of a huge loss of wealth.  His wealth plummeted from $12.8 billion at the end of 2007 to $9.2 billion at the end of 2008.  That’s right, he was still a billionaire.  Evidently, a future with fewer billions was not a future he could face.  From his perspective – inside his mind – he could not go on living.

We each experience our losses in life differently. 

At the other end of... read more >

Have You Heard?  Friendship Is More Than Great, It’s Also Healthy.

Friendships soothe us and nurture us. Friendships can even protect us physically.

What would we ever do without our friends?  We laugh with them and we cry with them.  We help them just as they help us.  Our friends are pillars in our lives.  They provide a source of strength and solace to an occasionally unfriendly world. 

Sometimes their names change but mostly they are with us over the years.  As we imagine our lives beyond childhood and adolescence, our friends are there.  Through our glorious wins and our painful losses, our friends are there.  They are with us through all... read more >