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To Survive or to Thrive

Surviving is important.  Thriving is elegant.  Maya Angelou

Anyone who has run a marathon, who has survived the grueling 26.2 miles, ends their race with the battle-weary knowledge that they’ve won.  Runners who finish their race thrive on that knowledge; it exhilarates them.  They don’t just survive those 26.2 miles, their life is forever changed with the knowledge of the finish.  A few of those runners even do it on prosthetic legs!  The race, the win – they don’t just survive, they thrive.

In part, it’s pure attitude.  To accept the audacious challenge of running that long a distance seems an impossible feat.  Yet many do it.  To take on such an undertaking results not just in the finish of a race but in the strengthening of inner will.

We are all racers in various forms – some in earning enough income, some in battling a disease, still others in making a good home for their family.  To provide an income, to survive a disease, to see a child awarded a diploma – we can thrive by doing our finest with every challenge placed in our path of life.  We can choose to thrive.