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When The Path to Success Encounters A Few Curves

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every plan we made followed a perfectly straight path?  No interruptions.  No slow-downs.  No surprises along the way.  So often, however, we’re confronted with a curve or two that impede our perfect progress.

Case in point, the start of a new business.  The business plan is polished and perfect.  You’ve planned for the eventualities.  You are ready for the natural surprises that come along the way.  In fact, you are proud to say that you anticipated a couple of rough patches.  You planned and you were ready.  Those rough patches didn’t slow you up, not one bit.

Even so, no matter how well constructed the plan, the perfect path to your start-up will likely encounter a few curves.  Remarkably, those curves come from the most unlikely sources. 

Consider this website.  Business insurance was simply a line item to be checked-off, right?  Who’d have thought that ideas for success would pose a challenge?  Not me.  But, we couldn’t launch til insurance was in place.  It took a big bite out of our calendar.  As an aside, be sure your insurance is in place before you start your business.  Equally surprising, converting a print concept booklet to something that made sense on a data CD or downloadable book took another large swathe of time.  We couldn’t start the store til there was at least one product to sell!

Whatever your venture, whether you are planning a new business or a vacation, your plan will keep you on the path.  Don’t be surprised, however, by the occasional zig or zag arising from one or more of the details.  Acknowledge the change, find your best solution, even modify your plan if needed.  Use the curves on your otherwise straight path as lessons, as instruction for future planning.  Then, get right back to it.