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About Polly Jensen & Everyday Success

Figuring out how to make life work every single day, that’s what we’re about.  Having good and successful days all the time, that’s our goal.   

All of us are successful some of the time AND we all stumble now and again.  How we manage our daily wins and losses contributes to our sense of well-being.

For years I’ve looked for a guidebook, a manual for living – it would have made everything so much easier.  I never found one.  Instead, I made a lot of mental notes and collected all the tips and ideas that made a difference for me and others.  All that note-taking is the source for the articles, books and webinars on this site.

I’m hoping you’ll find an idea or two that could work for you in your life.

An Introduction

I was so busy doing my life that I often failed to notice me.  I absolutely noticed everyone around me, what worked and what didn’t work in their lives.  I was trying to figure out the rules of life – I was sure they existed but had somehow passed me by.

Inside, I felt as if surprising good often came my way.  Great friends.  Loving family.  Interesting jobs.   On the flip side, I had deep bouts of uncertainty and self-doubt.

Along with good and happy came struggles and painful times.  Early on, I gave my infant daughter to adoption and that left a gaping hole in my heart.  And, because it was in the Sixties, I couldn’t talk about it til I got to meet her in the Nineties.  Now, I talk about her a lot.

Still, there were so many good years before some really tough stuff happened.  No, I never got the kind of job I really wanted – on a big, slick national magazine – but I’m doing that now with my website.  Besides, I had terrific jobs developing published product, marketing strategy, and even getting to start a couple of small companies for others.

It’s true, the broken heart after giving my daughter to adoption kept me from believing I was worthy of my own family.  But then I did marry.  I now have a huge and loving though not a particularly traditional family.   

No question, I’ve lost a lot of people.  There was a decade of loss starting with my precious husband who died in a split second seated right next to me.  Thank God, just moments before, we’d hugged, kissed and told each other of our love.  There was a girl friend who asked me to plan her goodbye party for a hundred of her closest friends held a few weeks before she passed away.  And that sadness was followed by the loss of my Mother, my brother and my sister.

Life is not always a straight line.  We don’t always get what we want when we want it but we absolutely can love our days and our experiences nevertheless.

There isn’t a rule book for life which is what this is all about.  You won’t find any hard and fast rules here.  It turns out that what works for one person may or may not work for another.  Life is unique to each of us.  So, there aren’t any rules; instead, there are ideas and information.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to take an idea or two and adapt them to your life.

Together, we can find our way.  That’s what I’m all about – finding ways that that can work and then sharing what I've learned.

Where Do You Go From Here?

The links in the Introduction above will take you to related articles.  For example, the first link at "sense of well-being" will take you to an article entitled, "Happines Is An Everyday Affair."  The link at "Interresting jobs" will take you to "Job Search Process: Preparing For the Interview".  Click on a link and see where it takes you.

Otherwise, click on a tab at the top of the page to find all the articles in each subject area.  Or, go back to the Home Page where you'll find more links to articles.  Explore.  We hope you enjoy.

For Those Who Want a Bit More Detail

After more than three decades as a marketing and communications leader, Polly Jensen now turns her attention to the development of her own website that will serve as a guide for some of the most pressing life and money questions.

Jensen’s career in publishing and direct response marketing took her from San Francisco to New York and Chicago.  In addition to her work, Jensen served on professional, cultural, humanitarian and educational boards.  To regain her cheer following a few challenges and to focus on the website’s development, Jensen moved to sun-drenched Denver.

While her professional experience provides a powerful underpinning, the message Jensen brings also comes from living life fully, balancing life’s wins with life’s losses.  Jensen developed her philosophy through keen observation plus plenty of real life experience.  She thinks of herself as a courage expert.

Check Your Sources

It’s important to check out your source of information , to confirm for yourself that there is merit.  Whatever your source, there are questions to ask before you consider adapting new ideas and new ways of thinking.  Some questions to ask as you consider new ideas and ways of thinking:

  • Is the source credible?  How can I verify their credibility?
  • Where did they get their information?  Does the information stand up to scrutiny? 
  • Can I poke holes in the logic?  Are there other opinions?
  • Is this an idea I might adapt for my life?  Why would I want to?  How would I adapt it so it would work for me?