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What is Everyday Success?

Everyday Success® shares ideas.  They’re bubbling up all the time.  Why?  Because one new idea just might spark a great idea for you. 

Explore the site.  It’s FREE.  You’ll find a lot of articles with tips and ideas about life and work and money and wisdom.

You may decide to buy a workbook or download it to your mobile device. Life Map will be released in 2016.  

One woman wrote most of the articles – it’s her personal perspective.  Her goal is for you to find the kernel of an idea for your life. 

Featured from Everyday Life

7 Steps To Making Decisions

Have you been wavering, trying to make a decision but you just can’t decide?  While it won’t give you the answer, using Circles of Control can be helpful.  Why?  With Circles of Control, you’ll actually figure out what must happen to reach your goal and you’ll figure out who controls each of the steps to your goal. 

It may seem backwards, but with Circles of Control, you’ll start at the end, at what it is you want to actually happen.  Here are... read more >

Featured from Words of Wisdom

Fifteen-Minute Wins

15-minute wins can be a metaphor for the small daily and weekly wins we make in our lives.

Whenever the task before you seems too big, break it into small, bite-size chunks.  It’s much easier to accomplish small things.  We actually feel in control of small efforts while large undertakings can feel daunting.  The surprising result of small accomplishments?  When added together, small successes can result in big wins.... read more >

New Year’s 2016 - Day 4

Breaking Deep-Rooted Habits

It wouldn’t be a habit if it weren’t something you’ve done over and over and over again without ever thinking about it.  Habits become ingrained.  We repeat them mindlessly.  Sometimes we call our habits routines – really?  Our routines become habitual.

We get up each day – some of us pop right into the shower, others pull on their sweats and work out, others race to the coffee pot.  It’s rare we vary our routine except for holidays.  Our... read more >

Featured from Money Matters

Check Your Credit Every Year

Check your credit annually.  Once a year, go to the only official source for fast, free credit reports, http://www.annualcreditreport.com.  ; AnnualCreditReport.Com was created by the three U.S. credit-reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.  It is the only official credit report-providing site.  Consumers should never provide personal information to any other company or person when requesting free credit reports.      

There is only one official and free credit report site,