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Everyday Success® shares ideas.  They’re bubbling up all the time.  Why?  Because one new idea just might spark a great idea for you. 

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One woman wrote most of the articles – it’s her personal perspective.  Her goal is for you to find the kernel of an idea for your life. 

Featured from Everyday Life

What Do You Say When No Is The Right Answer?

It’s easy to say yes.  We’ve done it all our lives.  Besides, what else are we supposed to say when someone asks us to do, well, whatever it is they’ll be asking you to do?

It’s in our nature to add more and more to our list of commitments.  There comes a day, however, when we’re suddenly overwhelmed.  It’s hard to predict what it is that will tip the scales and push us into that exhausted over-committed zone.  Worst of... read more >

Featured from Words of Wisdom

Consider the Source

Jen landed the job of her dreams.  She can’t believe she did it but she did.  The only thing standing in the way of Jen and her amazing opportunity is a thousand miles.  That’s right, her job is in Atlanta and she lives in Denver. 

Jen’s not worried, she’ll just fly home a lot.  Besides, won’t everyone want to come visit her?  What a surprise to discover that not everyone is in her corner. ... read more >

Do You Do the Things You Love Doing?

Name five things that you do that are your most favorite things to do.  Whether big or little, what do you most like to do?   Could be after school time with your kids.  Could be your annual mountain climbing conquest.  Could be playing the piano or teaching someone to read or weekends at your lake house or going to lunch with your best friend.  It could be your work but here we’re really talking about whatever brings inner satisfaction.... read more >

Featured from Money Matters

Profit 101 – Cash Flow Is Not Profit and Other Financial Realities

Your road to success is paved by profit.  After all, you aren’t starting a business just to while away your hours.  No, you want positive financial results.

Whether you sell a product or provide a service, whether you are for-profit or not-for-profit, it is imperative that your revenue exceed all your costs.  While that sounds easy enough, there are many ways to be tripped-up on the road to profitability.  Here we’ll look at two of the chief culprits that pave the road to red ink.... read more >