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What is Everyday Success?

Everyday Success® shares ideas.  They’re bubbling up all the time.  Why?  Because one new idea just might spark a great idea for you. 

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One woman wrote most of the articles – it’s her personal perspective.  Her goal is for you to find the kernel of an idea for your life. 

Featured from Everyday Life

15 Ways to Grow Happiness

We’re each in charge.  We’re in command of our own life and our own happiness.  That’s nice, we think.  But, what does that really mean?  Instead, just tell me what I have to do to be happy.  My plate is loaded.  If I’m in charge, what do I need to do?    

Many of us don’t exactly know what to do to grow our sense of well-being.... read more >

Featured from Words of Wisdom

Fifteen-Minute Wins

15-minute wins can be a metaphor for the small daily and weekly wins we make in our lives.

Whenever the task before you seems too big, break it into small, bite-size chunks.  It’s much easier to accomplish small things.  We actually feel in control of small efforts while large undertakings can feel daunting.  The surprising result of small accomplishments?  When added together, small successes can result in big wins.... read more >

Getting a “Fix” on Change

A recent FaceBook poster asked how she could fix her life. To begin, I don’t know how to fix another person’s life – all my articles are about the tools and techniques I’ve used in my life. Why do I do that? Because one new idea just might spark a great idea for another person’s life. In response, then, I’ll think about some of the things that have helped me in my life. We are each a work in process. We are learning about ourselves and our lives every single day. To begin, then, imagine yourself... read more >

Featured from Money Matters

Is a Job Enough?

What a crazy question you say. After all, you’ve got your job and you even feel pretty secure in your job. What more does one have to do?

As we’ve learned in recent years, change is ever-present.  Whether it’s the tech bubble or the housing bubble, the banking debacle, an earthquake and tsunami, a massive oil spill or a war, in today’s world, everything that happens affects our economy, our companies and the stability of our jobs.

What’s also changed... read more >