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What is Everyday Success?

Everyday Success® shares ideas.  They’re bubbling up all the time.  Why?  Because one new idea just might spark a great idea for you. 

Explore the site.  It’s FREE.  You’ll find a lot of articles with tips and ideas about life and work and money and wisdom.

You may decide to buy a workbook or download it to your mobile device. Life Map will be released in 2017.  

One woman wrote most of the articles – it’s her personal perspective.  Her goal is for you to find the kernel of an idea for your life. 

Featured from Everyday Life

Good or Bad, Our Mood Can Be Contagious

Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella was a popular song in the Sixties.  Its message is universal.  Wherever you are on this earth, a smile will improve your experience.  The physical act of smiling actually changes our body and it warms the people around us. 

A smile can change our mood and the mood of others.  The simple act of a smile can change other people’s day – you can alter their mood with a smile.... read more >

Featured from Words of Wisdom

Wisdom Quotes

Quotes are wisdom gained from others.  Some of the quotes below are current, from people living today; others come from voices of the past.  We’ll add quotes at the start of every month.  Be sure to come back for new words of wisdom.

We all live with the same objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same.  Anne Frank... read more >

Everyday Celebrations

When we think about celebrations, our minds run to parties, presents and maybe even a toast or a dance. We’ve a lifetime of celebrations so our mind quickly imagines an event. We know weddings. We know showers. We know birthday parties. Those are the big celebrations, everyday celebrations are a bit different. Everyday celebrations don’t require hoopla though they may require forethought... read more >

Featured from Money Matters

Are You Personally Profitable?

What is your dream?  What do you want in your life that costs money?  Some people dream of a home and family.  Others dream of a boat or a vacation cabin.  Still others seem themselves travelling to Australia, to Alaska or even to Zimbabwe.  What are your dreams?

To make our dreams happen, most of us must plan and save.  That means we need to be personally profitable.  We know about profitable businesses, we hear about them all the time.  When is the last time you planned for your... read more >